[Solved] Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress


Are you searching a proper solution for your WordPress website? If yes then you are in the right way. You see many WordPress errors, but the most common and easy to solve WordPress error is  “Error Establishing a Database Connection.” This error is very frustrating, and especially it happens when you do not do anything in your WordPress site. This issue was happening with me some days ago, and I find many ways to solve this WordPress problem, and I found great solutions about it. It took just 20 minutes to detect and fix this WordPress problem. In this article, I add all information about how to solve this error establishing a database connection in WordPress.


Note: First take a backup of your WordPress database and make sure you have full WordPress backups.

Why do you get this WordPress error?

In summary, you are receiving this error because WordPress cannot establish a database connection. Now the reason why WordPress cannot establish a database connection can vary. The login credentials of the database may be incorrect or may have been changed. It may be that your database server does not respond. It could be that your WordPress database has been corrupted. In our years of experience, most of the time, this WordPress error occurs due to some server error; however, there could also be other factors. Let’s look at how to solve this WordPress database problem.

Does the problem arise for / wp-admin / also?

The first thing to do is to make sure that you are receiving the same error both on the front of the site and on the back of the WordPress (wp-admin). If an error message is the same on both pages, “Error establishing a database connection,” continue with the next step. If you are getting a different error in the wp-admin, for example, You will find something like “One or more database tables are Not available. The database may be repaired,” then you need to repair your WordPress DB.

You need to add the following line in your wp-config.php. Add it just before ‘That’s it, stop editing! Happy blogging’ line wp-config.php.

Once you do this, you can see the WordPress settings by visiting this page:


Remember, when it is determined, the user does not need to log in to access this functionality. This is because its main intention is to repair a corrupted WordPress database, users often can not log in if the WordPress database is corrupted. Once you have repaired and optimized your WordPress database, be sure to remove it from your WordPress wp-config.php.

If this repair does not solve the problem, or

you are having problems running the repair, then continue reading this article as you can get another solution to work.

[Solved] Error Establishing a Database Connection by checking WP-Config File

WP-Config.php is the most important WordPress file in your WordPress installation Files. That is where you specify the details for WordPress to add connect your WordPress database. If you have changed your root password or database user password, then you also have to change this file. The first thing you should always see is that everything in your wp-config.php file is similar.

Remember your WordPress DB_Host value cannot always be localhost. On the basis of the host, it will be different. For a popular host like HostGator, BlueHost, SiteGround, this is localhost.

Some Experts suggested that they solved their Error Establishing a Database Connection problem by replacing the local problem with the IP Address.

If everything in WP-Config.php is correct (make sure you have typed errors), it is good to say there is something wrong at the end of the server.

With that being said, there may be some reasons why the error occurs. Some of the most common:

  • ✅Incorrect database login credentials.
  • ✅Corrupted WordPress core files.
  • ✅Corrupted WordPress database.
  • ✅The database Host is down.
  • ✅Too much traffic on Website.

When I am Finding Solution of this WordPress Error, I am trying to solve this problem myself also. So I tried this thing also which I write in below. Please try this solution also to solve Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress.

  1. Login to your Host with Cpanel or FTP(Filezilla) then Find Filemanager in it and Go into Filemanager.
  2. After that go to Public_html Directory Where Your all WordPress Files Stored. This is your Root Directory so Before Editing any WordPress First Take a Backup of your all WordPress Files. This is Very Important Because if you are getting any problem, you can restore your WordPress Backup Easily.
  3. Now Go to wp-content Folder and rename
  4. ‘Plugin’ Folder to anything like ‘1plugin’ or ‘wpplugin’.
  5. Go to Your Site and Check. If the Issue is still there.


Under Plugin Folder

If not, you already know that this was caused by some plugin. Go back to FTP or File manager, rename the folder to “plugins”. Enter it and change the folder names of the individual plugins one by one.


Here I explain Error Establishing a Database Connection problem-solving guide in detailed. Follow it or You getting any Problem about this error then comment down. I always help you;). Happy Blogging

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