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Sites Like

Sync-Watch sites are all buildup that can make things easy, whether they’re watching your favorite videos with your Friends or GF/BF at the same time or streaming videos directly from their phones. Rabbit or sites like is a world-famous synchronization watch service, initially created as a video chat application for Mac and launched in 2013. You can create a chat room or a virtual room where you and your Friends can share the PC or Laptop screen in a video chat to see something like movies and videos together.

This websites like is about sharing entertainment with your loved ones. allows users to watch favorite TV shows, and in most cases, the video and movies are in the same flat or the same room with friends and even in the same city.

I listed some good sites like please take a look at the list. Enjoy streaming movies on without any hassle.

Top Alternative Sites like


I researched, and I see This is the best alternatives of the I personally like it because It has some of the cool mind-blowing features you never see anywhere.rave - sites like

Best Features:

  1. Watch Netflix series and Movies with your friends/family
  2. Stream the YouTube movie/videos during chatting
  3. watch videos and text at the same time
  4. Synchronize your all music
  5. Make new music tune by mixing using the Rave DJ ( Incredible )

You create or manage the existing Whatsapp or Facebook chats in the best way possible.

Go –

2. myCircle.TV – Sites Like

myCircle.TV interface is very classy and very simple. This company was founded in 2011 and headquartered in England. Making and joining the same chatroom is very cool and comfortable with this website, and you don’t have to register or make a user is absolutely - sites like

Best Features:

  1. You can Invite Friends From Facebook
  2. supported formats are .flv and .mp4 (h264, AVC or MPEG4-PART10).
  3. Free 5GB storage space

Go –

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3. watch2gether

Together, lets you share your experiences with your loved ones in real time. This is an excellent alternative sites like to watch movies, listen to music, and more. It was founded in 2011 and had its headquarters in Germany as - sites like

Watch2Gether’s goal is simple: watch a video together with your friends and matter where are your friends. You can watch the movie anywhere and at any time together. Enjoy Watch2Gether

Best Features:

  1. Webcam Supported
  2. shop and Browse from Amazon
  3. Integrated chat room
  4. Create content into playlists

Go –

4. AndChill

AndChill has no pointless approach with this point in the presentation. This is a site like, but with a simple yet effective user interface, and you’ll feel free to use it without any confusion. You can easily create a new room by clicking on the room option you’ve made, and that’s it.

andchill - sites like

Best Features:

  1. See Public room
  2. subdomain chat room link

Go –

5. BLATUBE – Sites Like

The BlaTube is another Awesome alternative to the Yeah! Of course, you love it because its features are excellent and that can make you stay on it forever. This comes with various incredible specifications.

blatube - sites like

Best Features:

  • It is available for free to you without any problem at all.
  • You will not have to register on the site to get access through it as well.
  • Dropbox or YouTube videos will also be shareable on this site.
  • You can also take control over the other synced PC.
  • There are active rooms where you can participate.

Go –

This Website wants registration without registration; you cannot access these sites. Which is a drawback but small 😉 don’t worry about it. The registration process takes a little time. You can create chat rooms anytime which you use personally or publically after registration. After registration, you can make your own cool playlists in live chat, and watch videos. is one of the best online platform to watch movies together. But other best chat room sites like also help you to get the best experience!


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