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How to Root Samsung Phone using CF-Root via Odin Flash Tool

In this guide, you will be able to Root Samsung Phone using Odin flash tool. I find many ways to root Samsung devices and also I tried personally. but here I just write about the best and easiest method for Rooting Samsung Galaxy Device.

There are many things that make rooting complicated is the different variations of Android devices out there from smartwatches to phones to tablets too. Each Samsung Android device is unique in its own essence during which finding a universal rooting method that could root almost every Galaxy device out there is if not impossible, but it’s complicated but good news for all Samsung users. Senior Android developer Jen fire has released a universal rooting method that could root almost every Samsung device. Here we have shared the best method to root Samsung Galaxy devices using Odin Flash tool.

So pay attention here and follow this rooting tutorial, you’ll be able to root any Samsung Galaxy device out there. Let’s get rooted. Things are going to need for rooting Android Device.

Pre Requirements to Root Samsung Phone : 

  1. You need a computer running on Windows or Mac OS or Linux in this guide. Here we’re going to be using Windows-based computer. But the process is similar. If you’re using a mac or a Linux based computer.
  2. Samsung USB driver should be installed on your windows based PC.
  3. You need a perfectly working USB cable that came with the Samsung device.
  4. You need the CF-Root package for you a specific device which will get your Samsung device root.
  5. A software called that’s Odin Flash tool which will help you to root your Samsung device.
  6. A Samsung device with above 30% of charge on it so that it does not die during the process. So the only thing that you need to download is the CF-Root package for the specific Samsung Galaxy Android device. For that click on the link in the Download section, we’ll take you to the official CF-Root website. Now I highly recommend you to read the full tutorial given here.

Useful Links:-

Download Odin Flash Tool

Download Latest Samsung USB Drivers


How to choose a CF-Root Package for Samsung Galaxy device.

Once the CF-Root’s official website is open, you will see a long list of almost every Samsung Android device ever released. There are about 400 + Samsung devices from phones or tablets.

CF-ROOT for Samsung phone

Here the 1st thing that you’ll notice is that Android devices are specified with their model numbers, not with their actual names like Galaxy S9 S10 or Galaxy Note 10 pro.  That’s because Samsung Galaxy devices have different variations for the same device based on the country where it is sold and the carriers. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has ten different variations for the same Android Device each one of them with a lightly different model number.

So in order to find your Samsung phones or tablets, model number go to the Android settings on your Samsung device. Then head over to the more section or scroll down until you see the about devices tap on that then scroll down until you see the model number section and that’s your specific model number. Also, make a note of the Android version of your device is running on. E.g. the model number of the phone is G960F, and the Android version of the device is running on 9.0 Pie.

So make a note of these two things because we’ll be needing them later and Oh I almost forgot. For those of you let me show that my devices unrooted. If I run the root check basic app as you can see it says root access is not installed on this device. And moreover, there is neither super Su nor KingoRoot installed on my Galaxy phone, which means my Android device is not rooted at this moment.

Open Google and a search on your browser by simply typing your device than Number. So You show your galaxy device right there. As I said, you can find almost every Samsung Android device here. We have all the devices like Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Y champ and the Galaxy Note. We also have newer Samsung devices like S9, S10, Note 10 and the list gets updated every time a new device comes out. So once we have located your device in the list, the second thing that you’ll need to confirm is the android version.

Make sure your Samsung device is running on the Android version which should match with root package android version. If your device is running on a Newest version of Android, then it might not work because there are around 400+ devices here and it’s too much work for chainfire to update each one of them separately.

But if you’re not sure about this then wait until they update root package list.  The only 2 things that you need to confirm is your Galaxy device model number an Android version of your Samsung devices running on because trying to flash a root file not made for this specific device can brick 💔your lovely device. So be extra careful here. Once you have located your particular Android device in the list double check that then clicks at the download button at the right side then click on the download link and the download will begin.

It’s a pretty small file so that it won’t take a long time. Once the File downloading is completed, unzip the root zip package. If you don’t know how to unzip/unrar a file, you will need to download free software called WinZip/WinRAR, when the package is to unzip. You will find the software and the root package for your specific Android device.

How to Root Samsung Phone using CF-Root

This Odin Flash tool is going to inject the root package into your Samsung device. That’s how you’re going to root your Samsung device. How simple as that.

Step 1 So open your Odin Tool. Make sure to allow the permissions and leave it there then go back to your device.

Step 2 – Now, you will need to prepare your Samsung device to get rooted by putting it in the download mode, so turn off your Samsung device once it is completely turned off. Press and hold the volume down key +  Home button with the Power button.

How to boot Galaxy S8/S9/S10 into download mode using Bixby?

Bixby - for Samsung phone

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 or S10. Make sure the Android phone is completely off.
  2. Press the volume down button, Bixby, and power keys at the same time and keep that keys pressed until the Samsung phone goes to download mode.
  3. The Mobile screen will show a warning message. To go to download mode, press the volume up key one more time.
  4. Now it will show “Downloading. Do not turn off target”.

Step 3:-  Next up plug the USB cable into your device and place your device someplace where it won’t get disconnected it on my computer. And don’t forget to plug the other end into a computer. Once your Samsung Android device is in Download Mode and hooked up to your P.C. via the USB cable, your P.C. should automatically install the necessary Samsung USB drivers for your device.

Step 4:- Now Odin will automatically recognise your device with the first box turning blue. That’s your phone right there. If Odin is unable to recognise your device, then click the Download Samsung USB driver link in the download section.

And manually install the Samsung drivers on your Windows PC. Once your device is recognised by Odin, you will need to click on AP Button, Then select the CF-Root package that you just downloaded it should be in the tar.md5 format. Once the process is done, you are all set to Root your device.

Step 5:- Simply click on the start button, and the process will begin, which will take somewhere between 1 to 10 minutes. So during the entire process, please don’t play catch with Your phone. Let it sit there and have some patients. All right. Once the process is done, you will see a pass or a reset message with the counter turning green. Now back to your Android device. You will notice some rooting scripts running on your device, which is totally normal. It’s a good sign. It will take a couple of minutes.

Step 6:- Once that is done, your device will automatically restart, and you can now disconnect the USB cable. If you followed the method correctly, you would find the superSu app installed on your device, which means your device is rooted.

But let’s go ahead and run the root check app. Tap on the verify root button. Allow the root permissions. As you can see it says congratulations. Root access is installed correctly, which means our Samsung device is rooted, and the process was a big success. Now for those of you who are a newbie to Android hacks mods rooting and all do bookmark to this blog.

It’s going to be helpful to you but what I actually wanted to say superSu is the root manager for your device. This is the thing which is going to make root work through Supersu app. You can manage what Application on your Android device are using root. You can also grant or deny the access to a specific app. you can also easily remove root or unroot from Supersu app.

Now, folks, this method is the most tried and tested method with the highest success rate, including any Samsung device out there. Now, this is as easy as rolling can get And this goes without saying rooting can void your Android device warranty.

If you have done incorrectly, so proceed at your own risk. If you didn’t get any part of this guide, please read this tutorial again. And if you have any Query about rooting then feel free to leave a comment. Down in the comments section hand as usual if this guide help doing any means consider giving this guide a big thumbs up and do bookmark if you haven’t already to read a more interesting guide like this one. And don’t forget to share this Charming Method with people who you know want to do root their Samsung devices. I guess that’s about it.

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