How to install Stock Rom on samsung phone using Odin

install Stock Rom on samsung phone using Odin

Here I write this little guide to understand how you can install stock ROM on your Samsung device using an Odin flash tool, here we will show you how to install Samsung Stock Firmware using Odin flash tool on your Galaxy devices. These are the steps to flash Samsung Stock ROM (Latest firmware) using Odin on Samsung Device.

odin tool - install Stock Rom on samsung phone using Odin

Important Point: Your Samsung Device should have at least 60-80 % of the battery to complete the flashing process.

Some Preparations you want to do first for safety purpose.

  • Take a Backup of your galaxy device
  • Install Latest Samsung USB Drivers
  • Charge your Samsung Mobile Device(60%+)
  • Download Odin Flash Tool(Link Added)
  • Boot Samsung Galaxy Phone into Download Mode

1. Take a Backup of your galaxy device

I know we are all pro in rooting and flashing stock ROM 😜  but sometimes we are unlucky, and our small mistakes make our galaxy device brick, and we lost all data like documents, videos, and photos. That’s why we recommended you to take a backup first and then install Stock Rom on Samsung phone.

2. Install Latest Samsung USB Drivers

If you want to install Samsung stock firmware using Odin properly without any error, then you need to establish a strong and proper connection between your Samsung device and your Windows PC. If you want to use Odin on your PC then you want to close Samsung Kies software completely. When you are using Odin in your PC sometimes Samsung Kies disturb your Galaxy device connection.that’s why sometimes your Galaxy device soft brick. You need to Install Latest Samsung USB Drivers for Stable Connection

3. Charge your Samsung Device

When you are flashing and installing Stock Rom on Samsung phone using Odin make sure your Galaxy device to have at least 50%+ Charging. Sometimes your Galaxy device shut down during flashing process because of your charging is low that’s why your Samsung Galaxy device brick permanently.

4.Download Odin Flash Tool

Woohoo!! Here is the download link of the latest version of the Odin tool. You need to download the Odin tool for separate Android OS like Odin v3.09 for JellyBean/Kitkat, Odin v1.85 is working for Gingerbread/ICS. If your Galaxy device is on Latest Android Version like Oreo/Nougat then Download Latest Odin v3.13.1.

5. Boot Samsung Galaxy Device into Download Mode

Let’s start the game 😌 boot into download mode procedure is generally the same in all Galaxy phones/tablets. If you install Stock Rom on Samsung phone using Odin, then you need to reboot into Download Mode compulsory. This process is easy and simple in all Samsung Galaxy devices. I list up all booting method please read it carefully.

  1. Power off Galaxy phone completely
  2. Hold Volume Down + Home + Power button together (For Older Galaxy devices)
  3. Hold the Volume Down + Bixby + Power Button (Hold for 3-5 seconds)
  4. You see warning on screen than press Volume Up key to enter Download Mode

Once you have done all the steps, go ahead and follow all the instructions to install Samsung Stock Rom on Galaxy devices using Odin.

Download Samsung Stock Rom (Firmware)

On the Internet, you definitely find the download link of Odin Firmware. You simply search on Google with your device model and stock ROM/firmware. Here I list some best sites where you can find your galaxy firmware.

 How to Install Samsung Stock Firmware Via Odin Flash tool?

 Install Samsung Stock Firmware using Odin

  1. Download Samsung stock ROM (firmware) (*.zip) for the Galaxy device.
  2. Extract the downloaded ROM ZIP into your PC
  3. After Extracting the firmware zip file, you see some files in ‘.tar’ or ‘.tar.md5’ Format. Don’t Afraid of this format😁😛
  4. Extract the Odin Flash tool ZIP (e.g., into your PC.
  5. Open the extracted file folder (e.g., Odin3 v3.13.1) and double-click on ‘Odin3.exe‘ file.
  6. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Mobile to the Windows PC while it is in Download Mode.
  7. The COM port should green light up in the Odin window.
  8. Click on the ‘AP’ button and select the firmware file starting with AP.
  9. Do the same for ‘BL,’ ‘CP,’ and ‘CSC.’
  10. Note that the CSC file will completely wipe the device. To preserve the data, select ‘HOME_CSC’ file.
  11. Make sure that ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F. Reset Time’ are selected in the ‘Options’ tab. Leave everything else as it is.
  12. When everything is done, click on the ‘Start’ button to start the install Samsung stock ROM firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Phone.
  13. The flashing process will take a few or more minutes to complete the installation.

At the end, you! PASS! A message will appear, and the device will reboot. After that, you can disconnect the Samsung phone and close the Odin window. Once your Samsung Galaxy device is booted, then follow the on-screen instructions and follow through the initial setup. When shining stock firmware, you can follow the troubleshooting section in case of any problem.

Troubleshooting While Flashing Stock Firmware 

  • The device address is not imposed by Odin / COM port – it is light – make sure you disable Kies, and you have installed the Samsung USB driver properly. Even if it does not work, try using a different cable or switch between the USB port on the PC.
  • A failure in Odin! See ‘message – this can happen for many reasons. You are not using the correct firmware / Odin tool, or the USB connection may be faulty. Just force the device to close and cancel the process from step # 1.
  • The device enters a boot loop – if you face the boot loop after installation or any other software abuse, then fix stock recovery and reset the factory data. To do this, first, turn off the device. Then keep Volume Up + Home / Bixby + Power Keys for all seconds. On the ‘No command’ screen, hold down the power button, and tap the volume up key once. Once in Stock Recovery, select and confirm the ‘Wipe Data / Factory Reset’ button.

The procedure was very easy, okay? Even if it is not the first time, it will be easy to hold the whole process. So, you can install Samsung Stock Firmware on Galaxy Devices using Odin. If you have any Doubt, leave them in comments.

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