[πŸ’― Working ]Best Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

Do you need to use temp mail? If yes than 10 Minute Mail is best because it provides a random mail address which is only available for 10 Minutes.

In this best informative article, I am going to see you the best alternatives to 10 Minute Mail. You use this temp mail for facebook also. I listed the best temporary email websites. If You are using any other alternative of 10 Minute Mail, then please comment down and help us to make a list of best temp mail sites.

10 Minute Mail is best for Signup on any website, but sometimes we need to use temp mail more than 10 Minute. That’s why I listed some temp mail sites who are providing temp mail more than 10 Minute. Some of the sites have no minimum time Limit to use temp mail.


There are many websites that need to login/signup to verify user’s data and email address. Most sites selling user’s data to spammers, especially email of the benefit of the temp mail is you don’t need to worry about spam mailπŸ˜›. Temporary email address is the best way to hide your real identity.

Some of the best temporary email providers delete all emails after the email address expires. So you do not have to worry about your old email address. Using a disposable email address will avoid all of the marketing spammed emails.



Mailinator - Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

Mailinator is an open platform for all internet users. Mailinator is a very old and trusted temporary email provider. Mailinator accepts emails from any email address.this is 100% secure temp mail system. if You want to use single temp mail or multiple temp mail with unique temp mail address then try this temporary mail provider.

[ visit – ]


Getnada - Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

Getnada is the best alternative to 10 minute mail. using this temp mail service you can generate unlimited temporary this site, you can change your email address as you want. this site is providing also pretty cool domain like best thing is Getnada providing chrome extension with this temp mail chrome extension you use temp mail instantly.

[ visit – ]

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Tempail - Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

Tempail provides you with the best service. Tempail’s temp mail addresses expire after 1 Hour. It is also a providing QRcode facility for users.using this temp mail website You can sign up to social media sites like facebook and twitter. Yeah!! you are right this temp mail for Facebook is working fine. This site is Supporting more than 14 worldwide languages. So you don’t need to worry about language translation.

[ visit – ]


Temp-mail - Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

Nowadays Tempmail is the best site to receive is generates a fake email address for you automatically. In this is you don’t worry about login.this is 100% free and trusted. Just Forgot about spam,Β  marketing emails, and attacking robots. Tempmail provide more than 10 domain names for your temporary email like

[ visit – ]


Mohmal - Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

Mohmal is a little different like its name ;p. I am 100% sure you never see this type of temp mail service before. Mohmal support more than 15 languages. Mohmal providing temp mail for 45 minutes like 10 minute gives 10 minutes only.😁This is an Arabic site but also receiving emails from all websites. this site’s temp mail not blacklisted by any of sites because its technology is awesome.

[ visit – ]



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[πŸ’― Working ]Best Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail
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